A Compassionate Michigan Child Injury and Child Abuse Lawyer Who Stands Up for Injured Children

When the people charged with keeping a child safe have failed in that duty, not only is the child’s physical and emotional well-being damaged, but their once bright future is suddenly dimmed. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, trusted guardian, a juvenile dependency court, or juvenile dependency attorney looking to refer your juvenile dependent to a Michigan child abuse and child injury lawyer, you want to do everything you can to restore what the child has lost—and attorney Michael Behm is here to help you do it.

Your faith in the world has been shattered by your child’s injury, and we understand how hard it will be for you to trust someone with your story. As soon as you meet Mike, however, you will see that he is a kind, compassionate, and trustworthy person who has dedicated his professional life to standing up for children who have been hurt. A parent of three and a long-time community volunteer, Mike works tirelessly to help vulnerable children in Michigan.

Help Is Here

Your child is suffering. You are worried about what the future holds. No one is answering your questions, and you don’t know where to turn. You have lived with uncertainty long enough. Call to schedule your free consultation to find out if we can help guide your child to the bright future they deserve.